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Breathing Space - Seasalt Cornwall Review

I decided to take my walking group on our first walk of 2019 to a favourite place of mine, a National Trust treasure, Trelissick Garden. Just outside of Truro, it's close enough for me to nip to for a walk, but far enough away to get me out of the city and feel I’ve escaped civilisation. Surrounded by 300 acres of woodland and countryside, you are instantly transported into an area with so much air, you’ll feel a little giddy. With stunning gardens to wander through, the striking Trelissick House to explore, a second hand bookshop and a café with a delicious selection of cakes to reward yourself with, Trelissick really does have it all.

Nestled beside the River Fal, there’s ever changing views to keep you company and wildlife to entertain you. As the group made their way down to the beach, we were treated to an unexpected dolphin show. A pod of at least 30 dolphins were dancing out of the water, leaving my ramblers and I a little overwhelmed at their beauty.

Back at the beginning of the year (2019) I was invited by Seasalt Cornwall to try out some of their new collection and blog about how I find my breathing space.

You can read the full article here; Cornish Ramblings and Seasalt

Happy reading and see you all soon for a ramble!

Jody x

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