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Discounts and Giveaways

Take a look at some of the amazing discounts, giveaways, and experiences available through Cornish Ramblings.

ACAI logo

Cornish Ramblings have been collaborating with ACAI Outdoorwear for a number of years and is now able to offer you some discount on your purchases.


If you'd like to treat yourself to anything from the ACAI website, you will now receive 10% off using my code below:




Click the button below and use the discount code together to get your discount! Happy shopping...

Jody excited in the snow
Jody walking on the beach holding an ION8 bottle
ION8 logo

Cornish Ramblings has recently partnered up with Ion8 to bring you a new way to reduce single-use plastic via their fab water bottles.


Ion8 is committed to a 100% Carbon Neutral strategy and a meaningful contribution to the reduction of avoidable waste with a mission to design and deliver desirable reusable products, thereby inspiring impactful reduction in waste through their widespread adoption.


Nab yourself 10% off your very own bottle(s) by clicking the button below and using my discount code: JODYWOOLCOCK

Voited logo

Cornish Ramblings has teamed up with VOITED to offer you an incredibe 15% off your purchases online.


VOITED is the home of versatile, high-performance, and eco-friendly products - from outdoor blankets and dry-coats to dog blankets and ponchos, VOITED have literally got you covered.

Either use the below discount code or click the button to go shopping, your discount will automatically be added!



Jody sat on the beach with a Voited blanket wrapped around her shoulders
Jody standing in a church doorway with her dog Purdy
Dicky Bag logo

Cornish Ramblings has been collaborating with the folks over at Dicky Bag for a while now, but did you know you can get discount off their products?

A stylish neoprene bag that is lightweight, airtight and leak proof to store the dog poop bags until you find a suitable bin.


Get 10% off today using discount code Crambler10

Passenger logo

"Escapism, a constant desire to get off grid, wander, travel to connect with people and nature." Passenger


Cornish Ramblings is thrilled to announce we have recently been accepted as a Passenger Clothing Roamer, which means you all have a wonderful 10% discount off any online purchases you make when using my affiliate link below.


Click the button below to head to my storefront and start shopping. Your 10% discount will be added at the checkout.

Picture of Jody wearing a Passenger jumper
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