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Our Story

Cornish Ramblings was born of a need to explore further afield, and the desire to meet like-minded people. Jody founded Cornish Ramblings in March 2016 after realising she had been walking the same paths and routes over and over again. On becoming bored of the monotony, Jody decided she needed to build on her confidence of walking in new locations, whilst finding a way to meet people who were as keen as her to get out there and have an adventure on foot across Cornwall.

What started as a slightly selfish venture to traverse more of her beloved county, has now become quite the opposite. Jody's aim is to encourage as many people from all walks of life and from all ages and fitness levels to come for a ramble.

A group of ramblers smiling at the camera

Walking groups are particularly great for those nervous about walking lesser-trodden paths. Not only will you find people with common interests, there will also be someone to offer words of encouragement when navigating a steep incline! Within Cornish Ramblings, many new friendships have formed which have encouraged them to head out for a walk more often than they may have done before. It's a great opportunity to see more of Cornwall, get fitter and healthier, and to have a great time in the process. 

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