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Stay Hydrated

One of my obsessions in life is reusable water bottles. Is that weird?! I have a cupboard full of them which I use depending on my outfit, mood, what I’m doing, and how much I want to drink.

Either way, I love nothing more than a decent-sized water bottle that is aesthetically pleasing, has a good spout to glug out of, and makes me want to stay hydrated.

I have recently partnered up with ION8 to bring you a new way to reduce single-use plastic via their fabulous water bottles. I was lucky enough to be sent a few to test out before I shared my thoughts, and safe to say I am now addicted to these bottles and use them daily no matter what I am doing. Whether I am on a hike, sitting at my desk working, meeting a friend for lunch, or seeing my three-year-old niece for cuddles, I always take one of my ION8 bottles with me.

Who are ION8?

Ion8 are committed to a 100% Carbon Neutral strategy and a meaningful contribution to the reduction of avoidable waste with a mission to design and deliver desirable reusable products, thereby inspiring impactful reduction in waste through their widespread adoption.

The Ion8 water bottles are 100% leakproof, with the spouts being completely sealed and locked for peace of mind. They operate with a single finger, on-the-go one-touch flip-top lid, and the smooth liquid flow means no glugging, squeezing, and no painful suction.

These bottles are easy to carry with the handy easy swivel hook and an easy-to-refill opening. And most importantly, each bottle is made using BPA-free, non-toxic recyclon or steel.

Drink Up

I spend all of my weekends, where possible, hiking the coast paths of Cornwall. If I am not hiking around the South West Coast Path, I am exploring the woodlands or finding new mining trails to venture, or even just walking around the lanes where I live. Either way, I am usually participating in some form of hiking exercise and I know how important it is to stay hydrated. Especially during the warmer (yes, we do get them in Cornwall) months.

ION8 have a very handy hydration guide which you can download from their website. It is important to drink water before, during, and after exercise as not only will it increase your stamina, but you will also be working out more efficiently. If you don't stay hydrated, physical and cognitive performance can suffer and some side effects which are linked with poor hydration can include the risk of heat illness, the development of headaches, nausea, heart rate, and the ability to regulate body temperature.

This guide from ION8 explains why staying well hydrated is important for active individuals and how this can be best achieved.

Suitable for all ages

What I love most about these bottles is the variety on offer. Admittedly, I found it hard to whittle it down to just a few to try because there are so many colour options, sizes, designs, and materials to pick from. However, I knew I would need one that could keep my water cold no matter the temperature outside so I went for insulated stainless steel in a one-litre.

My 3-year-old niece on the other hand was fascinated by my celestial 600ml slim water bottle and loved how easy it was to open and lock the flip lid. She was even more excited to learn there were many designs available in this bottle, including butterflies, unicorns, and cats, and therefore, turned to me and said "Auntie Jody, please can I have four bottles for my birthday?"

Carbon Neutral

The great thing about ION8 is not just the look, feel, size, and cost-effectiveness of these bottles. But also the fact this is an organisation that has been certified 100% Carbon Neutral in all operations. ION8 is committed to designing reusable products that are a choice, not a compromise, therefore inspiring an effortless way to reduce the impact of waste.

ION8 seek out ways to reduce their carbon footprint and I am very happy partnering with a brand who have sustainability in its mission. By using materials such as recyclon - which is made with plant biomass materials and therefore, totally carbon neutral - using solvent-free powder paint, and minimising packaging whilst only using 99% recycled materials, I had no qualms in saying yes to working with ION8

Treat Yo'Self

If you would like to join the ION8 family and treat yourself or loved ones to a reusable bottle, you can receive a yummy 10% off by clicking the button below and using my code 👉🏼 JODYWOOLCOCK 👈🏼

Commission: I believe in complete transparency and want to make you all aware that when you use the link in the button above and my discount code together, I do in fact receive a little commission from each sale. However, this all goes back into Cornish Ramblings (and the occasional coffee!) so in advance of anyone choosing to purchase from ION8 using my code and link, thank you...and thank you for choosing to go reusable.

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