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As a hiker who spends 98% of their free time outdoors with a backpack on, I know how important looking after my back is and why choosing the correct gear is imperative in supporting my body and health. I am a great believer in spending time finding what works best for you when it comes to the right outdoor clothing, footwear, and gear. Most of my ramblers and followers on social media already know that if I find something I like and actively use or wear the product, I'll very happily share this knowledge and be honest about why I love it. The same goes with any brands I work with - if I don't like it, or feel it is irrelevant to Cornish Ramblings and won't actively use it, then I will kindly decline to work with them.

However, this was most certainly not the case when I was approached by the Healthy Back Bag (HBB) a couple of months ago. In this blog, I will let you in on why I jumped at the opportunity to partner up with HBB, and what it is about this brand and company I particularly love.

Why do I love my Healthy Back Bags?

The Healthy Back Bag is unique; in its shape, intelligent pocketing, and extraordinary variety. As someone who gets excited at the prospect of sitting on my front room floor exchanging the contents across from one bag and into a new one, receiving TWO new bags to try out definitely pressed the Marie Kondo organisation button in me.

When out on a proper hike or ramble, I admittedly do prefer to have my rucksacks - I am a creature of habit and like to have a backpack that provides ventilation, can hold my poles, has a waterproof cover, and sits on both shoulders. However, I am finding the Healthy Back Bags are becoming more and more perfect for the more gentler strolls I embark on - usually anything under a few miles - and I will alternate between these bags and my rucksacks when heading out on a rambling adventure.

The variety of styles, colours, patterns and textures are also fabulous - you can literally have a bag for every outfit and occasion!

Here are just a few more reasons why I think you'll also fall in love with the Healthy Back Bag...


I love organisation and personally, any bag I use must come with compartments. The Healthy Back Bag ticks this box perfectly and has an abundance of pockets of varying sizes to help distribute the weight evenly around the interior of the bag, making the bag feel less bulky and heavy whilst giving me plenty of options of where to keep my inhaler, snacks, lip balm, note pad, pens, and other important bits and bobs I need when heading out for the day. Having compartments to evenly spread out the weight will ultimately put less strain on your shoulder, neck and back too.


Thanks to a collaboration between a leather craftsman, doctor, and chiropractor, the Healthy Back Bag is designed to comfortably hug the natural curve of your spine and, as mentioned above, distributes the weight evenly through the bag thanks to its shape and pockets.

On a woodland walk with my sister recently, I actually forgot I was wearing it because it sat so comfortably around my shoulder, hugging my back as if it were a piece of clothing. It also meant I could swing myself over and under fallen trees that were still blocking the pathway thanks to the storms back a-while, without having to strategically manoeuvre the bag through or worry about it getting in the way as I army rolled across the shrubbery.


These beautiful bags are robust, durable and won’t get your belongings wet thanks to their weather-resistant finish. Perfect for the Cornish weather, am I right? I have worn both on various walks around the county, as well as when I left Cornwall (shock horror!) and headed to London for a long weekend of exploring the big smoke. This leads me to my next reason for why I love these bags; safety.


The way the HBB sits means the zip to the main compartment is against your back. If you are wearing it in a busy town or are worried about a pesky pickpocketer reaching inside, you can keep your belongings secure with the knowledge a sneaky hand won't take it upon themselves to take anything. It's also very unlikely your belongings will fall out.

"In 2010 work began on redesigning the HBB pocket configuration to accommodate today’s technology. This resulted in the intelligent pocketing system, magnetic buttons and the full-sized padded tech pocket you see in Healthy back Bags today."

When out for a hike, looking good is not my top priority. However recently, I have started seeing outdoor brands up their game when it comes to providing outdoorwear for women that isn't shapeless and pink. This is also the case with backpacks and the Healthy Back Bag is definitely up there with comfort as well as style. There is an abundance of colours, patterns and sizes to choose from and you'll feel super stylish out on the coast path with one of these on your shoulder.

Affordable Quality

Although I was very kindly gifted these bags, I am still very wary about the costs of the products I purchase and/or promote as part of Cornish Ramblings. Most outdoor gear, I find, can be quite pricey and although I have never been swayed by an expensive brand, my walking gear is a different story. I like to research the brand and know I am wearing an item that will last as well as do the job, but that can also come with a hefty price. I will spend more money on a product if I feel it is worthy of the amount, but I am also known to hunt high and low for a good deal.

The Healthy Back Bags range in price and personally, I feel you are getting value for money. You pay for what you get and with these bags being made so well, you are definitely getting your money's worth, and then some.


If you are after a choice of the size of the bag, you'll be nicely surprised to hear the Healthy Back Bag has five different options to choose from:

  1. Small baglett - at just £19, these cute bagletts are perfect if you are in need of a mini option that is both cute and functional. Coordinating with the core HBB ranges, the bagletts can be worn multiple ways by using the long adjustable (and detachable) strap, making them an ideal accessory for make-up, a night out, dog walking, festivals, or travelling.

  2. Large baglett - starting at just £25, the best-selling large baglett is ideal if you don't need a full-size bag and, like the small baglett, can be worn in various ways thanks to its strap. As well as being versatile, the large baglett is easy to clean, durable and strong, and clips into a regular Healthy Back Bag to use as a separate compartment.

  3. Small, medium and large bag - also known as the everyday bags, they’re water resistant, hardwearing, machine-washable, full of organisational pockets and extremely lightweight. They come in 6, 9 and a decent 20 litres, with the fabric options of textured nylon and microfibre. The large bag comes with a wider strap and features multiple pockets to keep your stuff organised, an insulated bottle pocket which keeps drinks cool in the summer and warm in the winter, and a detachable matching pouch to keep valuables or gadgets separate.

My bags

These bags come in a multitude of colours, patterns, sizes, textures, and prints and when HBB very kindly asked me to choose two from their collection, I must admit I found it super flipping hard to choose which two I’d like to try out but, I finally decided upon the textured nylon in the colour sage (size small) and the vintage canvas (size small).

Healthy Back Bags are comfortable for people of all shapes and sizes, can be worn crossbody or on either shoulder and offer men and women alike a practical and stylish bag for every day.

Thank you to Healthy Back Bag for sending me these two gorgeous bags, I love to take them out and about with me when off on an adventure and I know, you will too.

"We love Jody’s outlook on life, her generosity of spirit and keen desire to share her knowledge of the outdoors in an inclusive, fun and inspiring way." Priscilla, Managing Director of Healthy Back Bag

For more information on the Healthy Back Bag and how you can pick yourself up one, please pop across to their website here: Healthy Back Bag Website

You can also enter our giveaway over on Instagram where you can win yourself your very own Healthy Back Bag so be sure to pop across to Instagram and follow both Cornish Ramblings and Healthy Back Bag today - the giveaway will start on Thursday 19 May with the winner being announced on Sunday 22 May 2022 at 8pm. All details on how to enter this giveaway will be shared in the Instagram post - good luck!

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