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Sennen, Lands End and Nanjizal Ramble


My face literally ached for hours after this ramble finished thanks to the amount of grinning I’d been doing throughout this incredible 6-mile ramble from Sennen to Nanjizal via Lands End - using the fabulous iWalkCornwall route of course - where I took 23 ramblers for a walk.

Starting at the harbour car park in Sennen with typically Cornish drizzle and a splash of rainbow, we made our way up the long and steep coast path towards the lookout, where we stopped for a breather and to marvel at the views, until carrying on and eventually, reaching Lands End where we were greeted with endless blue skies littered with fluffy white clouds.

After a quick loo stop and coffee run, we realised that the famous Lands End sign was available and free, and so I gathered everyone around and took some pictures before making our way around the headland towards Enys Dodman, a beautiful rock formation with a cave through the middle.

This stretch of coast is rugged and wild, with the waves crashing below and the gargantuan cliff faces that strike out into the sea, you won’t be bored of the endless views.

One thing I actively encourage on any of my rambles, is to stop, hammer, but in all serious, I encourage everyone to take a moment, breathe the views in, feel the wind across their sweaty brows and skin, really look at what is in front of them, and take endless photographs.

It's easy to take for granted views like these. But not everyone has seen these parts of Cornwall before. To some, this ramble has meant they have finally been able to visit a part of Cornwall they'd only ever dreamed about. And something I don't want anyone to feel, is rushed. Rushed that they can't take it in and enjoy the moment. Rushed to walk past when really, they wanted to take endless images to remember their time and so they have something to look back at fondly, to remember this exact moment.

I have lived in Cornwall my entire life - I am born and bread and utterly devoted to her. But I still get completely overwhelmed at what we have available to us, and I don't ever want to take for granted Cornwall and all she beholds. So, if you join us for a ramble, don't ever feel you can't stop several times to take it in and get some pictures. Because no doubt, I will be doing exactly the same thing.

As we carried along the coast, I planned to take a lunchbreak pitstop at the iconic Nanjizal Beach - also known as the Song of the Sea or Mill Bay - where once we arrived, sat overlooking the boulder strewn beach and the waves flowing in and out of the cave. A perfect view whilst we munched our sarnies!

Leaving Nanjizal, we headed up a long rocky path where our final 3-miles would take us along fields, muddy trails, and paths back into Sennen.

Along the way we met four beeeeautiful ponies who were very intrigued by the 23 ramblers traipsing through their field before disappearing through a gap in the hedge, where a very large boulder meant us getting our legs over in ways where elegance goes straight out the window.

This is one of the things I love about Cornish Ramblings. No one is every phased by the giggling as we scramble on our bums and contort ourselves into positions that would leave onlookers blushing, in order to get over rocks and stiles. The laughter and gusto that comes with each ramble leaves me feeling absolutely overjoyed, because we all know there are people surrounding us we can ask for help should we need it, and we all know we are in this together.

This ramble was certainly magical, with so many happy smiley faces grinning their way along the coastline beside me. At one point I felt quite emotional at how everyone came together in awe at the beauty unfolding with every footstep we took.

What a privilege it is to ramble with so many incredible people in such a majestic part of the world.

I will never get over how rambling around Cornwall with my ramblers makes me feel…it’s a feeling like no other.

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