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Wadebridge Wanders

Enchanting, fresh, glistening, crisp, crunchy, squelchy, bright, clear…

Just some of the words that came to mind on yesterday’s ramble from Wadebridge to St Breock with my wonderful ramblers.

There were also plenty of giggles, a ton of chitchat, new friendships, familiar catch ups, shared moments, and happy memories made on our 5.5-mile walk around the Cornish countryside. As far as rambles go, this one was pretty wonderful.

A whopping 32 of us headed to Wadebridge for a glorious 5.5-mile ramble to St Breock, and it was pretty flipping fabulous. Using the iWalk Cornwall route, we started along the Camel Trail and walked a good 1.5-miles before turning off onto muddier trails towards fields and, yup, stiles!!

There may not of been 26 stiles like on last weekends ramble from St Ives to Carn Naun, but the stiles we had to get our leg over today were pretty high on the agility level…

Our pitstop for a sarnie and chocolate treat (thanks to fellow rambler Andy) was at the BEAUTIFUL St Breock Church, before we headed the last 1.5-miles along lanes and through Wadebridge, back to our cars.

Absolute perFECKtion 😚👌🏼

We only have two more rambles left of 2023 before I take a little break and prepare for more adventures in the new year. Be sure to sign up to the mailing list on the Cornish Ramblings website to keep in touch, receive the newsletters and blogs, and hear all about when and where we will be rambling in 2024.

Here’s to more adventures…

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