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Sometimes you just need to stand in a lavender field, let the wind flow through your hair whilst bumblebees buzz about around you, and pretend you’re in a romantic movie (whilst your best friend takes a gazillion pictures to get "the one" - thanks Tanya!).

I recently shared a post on social media about romanticising your life. This is something I’m trying to do more of - daily if I can - but what exactly do I mean about "romanticising your life" some of you may be wondering?


Romanticising your life is a “trend” about celebrating yourself and making the most ordinary day feel extraordinary. It asks us to really appreciate what we have in front of us and to live with intention, no matter how mundane our daily rituals might be. It's a reminder to look for moments of beauty and embrace minimalism.

Although some of the content you'll stumble across where it uses the #romanticiseyourlife hashtag appears aspirational, not all of us can afford to hop on a plane for a quick trip to the Maldives, or skip off to a field of aesthetically pleasing bright tulips whilst dressed in flouncy floral dresses and oversized brimmed hats — most of this “trend” actually rejects the type of messaging where it pushes people to acquire material things or where it puts people in debt for that unrealistic lifestyle that social media can mislead you into desiring.


I don't tend to follow trends too much if I can help it. I like to do what makes me happy, whether it is fashionable or not. But this particular trend is one I can definitely get on board with.

The fact it is achievable for everyone is one of the many reasons I love it, and why romanticising my life is something I strive for daily. You don't need to buy your happiness, you can literally find it in the cup of coffee you make at home using your favourite syrup in your favourite cup.

It also renounces the “that girl” aesthetic that promotes a one-size-fits-all path to well-being. We've all seen it and I'm sure most of us have aspired to be that kind of person; the green smoothie, drive-thru iced coffee, journaling, working out in the gym most days "that" kind of person. And as much as I’m trying to do some of the above and create a healthier more mindful existence, I am also pushing past the boring in an attempt to find the beauty in my everyday mundane tasks.

How to romaticise your life

As I've said before, the great thing about this trend is that it is accessible to everyone. No one is unable to achieve it because you really can romanticise just about anything you do.

So, how will I be spending my new romanticised life?

Below are a few examples of how I have been putting this into practice, but we all have our own versions of bringing joy to our everyday tasks, these are just the ways I have brought happiness to my life recently and who knows, maybe they will spark an idea of how you can romanticise your daily rituals.

How I currently romanticise my life...

  • Organising my fridge whilst listening to Celine Dion on my record player.

  • Listening to the birds from my front door whilst sipping on a coffee.

  • Remembering as a kid how my parents would blow bubbles using their hands in the bath, and recreating this in my shower.

  • Colouring-in whilst pup snoozes beside me.

  • Working from a warm and welcoming cafe or pub.

  • Stargazing out my window or finding a beach and watching the waves.

  • Buying myself flowers.

  • Taking the time to make my breakfast look good before I demolish it.

  • Finding the joy in baking, trying new recipes, and making them whilst listening to a podcast.

  • Lighting a candle whilst I work, clean or relax.

  • Taking a moment when on a walk to breathe in my surroundings and pay attention to the views.

  • Putting on a facemask and lying on my Shakti mat staring at the clouds through my skylight.

  • Creating a nook with blankets and cushions to read (or nap).

  • Matching my water bottles to my outfits.

  • Walk without using my phone to ensure I am not missing anything.

  • Walking in the rain whilst listening to classical music (Ludovico Einaudi you have my heart).

  • Watering my plants using my beautiful glass spritzer bottle.

  • Slicing watermelon and eating it in quarters because, why not.

What do you do to romanticise your life?

Experts say the romanticising trend may have endured because it is a new way of exploring mindfulness - the practice of paying attention to the present and becoming aware of your physical sensations, thoughts, and emotions in a nonjudgmental way.

🤍 I think we all need to spend more time romanticising our lives, don’t you?

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Feb 08, 2023

Such a lovely article. Enjoying the small things in life are just so important x

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