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My Perfect Picnic Spot

Although a city centre may not spring to your mind when thinking of a picnic spot, it does have its perks, Jody adds: “The great thing about Victoria Gardens is how convenient it is. Close enough to the centre that if you fancy doing some shopping before you eat, you know it isn’t far away when you feel the first rumblings of your tummy! With handy facilities, beautiful views of the gardens and plenty of space to feel like your own piece of paradise, it really is a perfect location for a picnic in my eyes.”

Back in July 2019 I was asked to reveal my favourite picnic spot in Cornwall for an article with Tencreek Holiday Park. I chose Victoria Gardens in Truro - where is your favourite place to pitch up for a picnic?

You can read the full article here; Cornish Ramblings and Tencreek Holiday Park

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