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I have spent the last few days thinking back to Saturday and how it felt to spend an entire day with a group of women who, like me, were in need of finding space in their minds, retrieving relaxation for their bodies, opening up their hearts to extra love (for themselves), and to give time for a mindful rest.

Saturday 4 March 2023 marked the second collaboration with Mindfit Cornwall, where for seven blissful hours we brought together a group of incredible women to share a magical day at the Limehouse Yoga Studio, Perranporth.

It was such a joyous day. We laughed, we rambled, we were emotional, and most importantly, we were given the time and space to really let go and relax…completely. This is definitely something we don’t do enough of and absolutely something I want to try and bring back to my day-to-day life.

From learning how to breathe deeply from the abdomen and ribs to completely zoning out through guided meditation. From stretching our way through a Pilates session to rambling across the dunes of Perranporth. From journaling together in a well-being circle to munching on the most delicious and nutritious lunch. Our second retreat was everything I needed and more. And seeing everyone who joined us leaving with a relaxed posture and a smile on their faces, talking to one another as if they’d known each other for months rather than mere hours, was the best feeling ever.

I don’t know about you but these days, I struggle to find the time to really relax. To concentrate on my breathing. To know when I need to stop tensing my jaw, unclench my shoulders, and bring relief to my neck. Sometimes, we just need a day to remind ourselves to take a little better care of our minds and bodies, and to always ALWAYS be kind.

If you'd like to join Cornish Ramblings and Mindfit Cornwall for a day of utter relaxation and mindfulness, we have another retreat lined up for you in June. You can find out all the details and book a ticket by clicking the button below.

How we spent our day...

Below is a little insight into how we spent our first retreat of 2023, which will give you an idea of how you could be spending your day with us in June. I already can't wait...

🌬️ It was a 10am start where we congregated at the spacious and airy Limehouse Yoga Studio for a welcome and breathwork session with Helen from Mindfit Cornwall. In this session, we learned how to breathe. Which may sound ridiculous. But if you're anything like me, I tend to breathe up and into my shoulders where really, we need to be expanding our ribs and using our abdomens to make sure we are utilising each breath. I was pleasantly surprised at what a difference it made and have been practicing since.

🧘🏻‍♀️ After breathing in the good intentions and exhaling the bad, we were joined by Rachael for an hour of Pilates. Now, I am not flexible nor do I have much of a core going on right now. But Rachael was great at incorporating slow and steady movements that allowed us all to enjoy the session and feel suitably worked out and relaxed. Even Purdy enjoyed it.

🫖 We then took a 15-min herbal tea break to hydrate and relax before coming together at midday for a well-being circle where we took the time to root ourselves and find peace within. It was also a great opportunity to get to know one another whilst practicing the art of gratitude.

🥗 After our well-being circle, we all came together for a super nutritious and delicious (vegetarian) salad-box lunch, which comes as part of the ticket price. The lovely Kirsty of Mindful Menu St Agnes provided us yet again with this hearty lunch and my word, it was yum.

🧘🏾‍♂️ We then moved onto a 50-minute relaxation and guided meditation session (my favourite part of the day!) which Helen of Mindfit Cornwall ran and again, left me completely zonked out and feeling peaceful in a way I hadn't in such a long time.

🥾 And finally at 2pm it was my time to shine. I led the group on a mindful 3.5-mile ramble along the coast of Perranporth where along the way, we took a few moments out for breath work on the cliff overlooking the waves, and some of us even braved the cold and headed in for a sea swim. We then had a mug of hot choc and a slice of banana bread (thanks Kirsty!) on the sand before finishing the final mile home.

What. A. Day. I’m now on the countdown to June for our second retreat of 2023…who’s coming?

Mindfit Cornwall: Instagram

Cornish Ramblings: Instagram

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