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You Know I’m All About That Base(layer)

With the temperatures dropping quicker in Cornwall than you can shout IT’S SNOWING, I always like to be prepared when heading out for a hike. Us Cornish lot know that the weather can be deceiving – it may be brilliant sunshine as you peer out the window first thing in the morning. But all of that can change in the blink of a bleary eye. One minute it’s so hot you’re taking layer after layer off, the next it's bitingly cold and you're wishing you’d brought that third jumper you were umming and aaaahing about.

Personally, I love it - the unpredictability of the weather in Cornwall – but it can leave you a little vulnerable. Which is why I like to be prepared and make sure my rucksack is packed with all the essentials!

Base layers are where it’s at!

I have always loved a decent base layer. I find when walking in Cornwall with the bipolar weather, a base layer can be an absolute godsend. I have recently tried the Zerofit Heatrub Ultimate and Zerofit Ultimate Move base layers, and I love them. Trying both out over the winter months, I have never felt so warm when hiking in the bitter temperatures. Once I get going, I can work up a sweat quite quickly, and there is nothing worse than sweaty clothes that make you feel cold. However, the Zerofit Heatrub Move base layer keeps you dry and warm. How? Well, keep scrolling and reading to find out more.

Who are Zerofit?

Launched in 2005, Zerofit was founded by Mr Koji Higashi, owner and founder of Eon Sports in Japan. Being someone who is fanatical about fitness and also a single figure golfer, Mr Higashi found himself constantly cold whilst out on the golf course. In 2010, the Zerofit Heatrub range was released which offers ultimate warmth, but with the movement to carry out your favourite outdoor activity.

What do I think?

Base Layer One - Ultimate

The Heatrub Ultimate base layer offers three main benefits (as taken from their website) and I am inclined to agree with each point. They are;

1. Your body heat is sealed in like a standard base layer.

2. Unlike a standard base layer, the product instantly warms you up.

3. The unique fibres on the inside of the Ultimate rub against your skin to create frictional heat.

When you first look at this base layer, it looks like a thick jumper. But look and feel inside, you will notice a fluffy lining. This is what keeps you snug! The double-loop barrel fabric provides both heat insulation and friction heating via extra-long bristles, which ensure a layer of warm air is retained around the body. Wearing this base layer is like wearing your favourite and most faithful warm jumper, but with the added bonus of being able to exercise in it without overheating or becoming too restricted with movement. I wear this base layer when the temperature is at its most coldest and underneath my layers, it is a welcome addition to my walking wardrobe!

With the high neckline, my chest and back are completely covered keeping me warm and free from catching any unwanted chills.

Base Layer Two - Move

The Heatrub Move base layer is a thinner top without the fluffy lining, but it still provides exceptional warmth. The unique ‘LABO’ fabric ensures that sweat is quickly removed from next to the skin and placed on the outer shell of the garment. Perfect for those sweaty backs!! The Move range is their most versatile product in the Zerofit Heatrub range as not only do you stay warm, you can also do much more activity whilst wearing it, such as running, football AND of course, hiking.

I wear this base layer the most because even when the temperature rises, I am kept cool and dry. It not only feels good, but the shape is nice and hugs you in the right places.


In my opinion, the base layers are as true to size as they possibly can be. There is a handy guide on the website where you can determine which size would fit you the best. I am usually a size 12 on top (dependent on how many chocolate bars I consume over the weekend!) so I ordered a medium which fit me like a glove. Don’t be put off by the small look of the base layer when you initially get it out of the packaging though…it stretches well and fits perfectly.

You'll also notice that on the website, it looks like all products are just for men but never fear, for they are unisex.

'Maybe you should model for them' I hear you cry!!

Shucks, that's kind of you to say, but I think I'll stick with the rambling and writing for now...

All in all, I love to wear these base layers whilst out for a Cornish Ramble and will gladly recommend this brand to you. If you're like me and have a few lumps and bumps, admittedly they aren't the most flattering of tops to wear. But they do the trick and the majority of the time, will be hidden beneath your other layers, working their magic in secret!

If you enjoyed this review, please don't be afraid to leave me a comment or if you'd like some more information, send me an email and I'd be glad to have a chat.

Disclosure; I have not been paid to review these items, however I have been gifted these items in exchange for writing my honest review of these products. I have not been swayed in any way and have written nothing but my opinion :)

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