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How to Fall Back In Love With Walking Again (if you're over it).

Magazine Feature: Vitality UK Magazine.

"Jody Woolcock, ACAI Outdoorwear adventurer and founder of walking group Cornish Ramblings, recommends joining a local walking group as they provide the opportunity to make new friends as well as seeing new sites and visiting locations you’ve always wanted to, but may have felt out of your comfort zone doing so alone.

‘Walking groups are particularly great for those nervous about walking lesser-trodden paths,’ she says. ‘Not only will you find people with common interests, but there will also always be someone to offer words of encouragement when traversing a steep incline. In my walking group, many new friendships have formed which have encouraged them to head out for a walk more often than they may have done before.’

And there’s more than just your traditional local ramblers’ club out there: you can now try Nordic walking, orienteering, geocaching, race walking, walking groups for singles, walking groups for different ages or single-sex groups. Search Facebook groups to find local meet-ups, or Woolcock recommends scouring Instagram for inspiration.

'Search for terms like #walkingbritain, #walk1000miles, #walkinggroup, #roamtheuk and #cornishramblingswalks – you’ll find it can be an amazing source of inspiration and a great way of connecting with fellow walkers.'"

Read the full article here!

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