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Winter Walking

With these dark evenings and bitter mornings getting more and more frequent, I thought I’d share some tips that I live by for continuing to get outside during the winter months…especially January which I am NOT looking forward to.

Tip One

Set an alarm: working behind a desk five days a week means getting outdoors before dark can be a mission. I try to utilise my lunchtimes wisely and set an alarm reminding me to get outside. I’ll pootle round the block for around 20-minutes which not only boosts my VitaminD, it also clears my head and gets me through the afternoon.

Tip Two

🥾 Walking groups: when the weekend finally makes an appearance, I usually have a ramble planned with my walking group, Cornish Ramblings. I’ve spoken to many of my ramblers who’ve said joining a walking group has been vital to their mental health journey, and encourages them outdoors more than they would if they hadn’t joined - have you thought about joining a walking group to get outdoors more?

Tip Three

👧🏻 Family time is important to me and with having an almost four-year-old niece running around all over the place, getting her outside and enjoying our county motivates me to get out there more too. Have you got any youngsters in the family you can take on adventures?

Tip Four

👖 Layers: this is something I bang on about often, but to continue walking through the colder months, having the right gear is super important. I suggest investing in a good bobble hat, a thick pair of a socks, a thermal base-layer, and a decent mid and out layer. I often share my kit must-haves over on Instagram and Facebook so be sure to follow there if you're in need of inspiration.

Tip Five

☕️ Hot cuppa: nothing beats finishing a walk with a hot drink (and a slab of cake). I’ve started using my Thermos UK flask (not sponsored) to ensure I have something warm to sip on after every ramble and seaswim. Saves money AND the environment when you bring your own flask!

Tip Six

👯‍♀️ Friendships: surround yourself with people who bring out the best in you, and who continuously support you in pushing your boundaries in a positive way. Going for a walk or a seaswim with those you love and trust can make it fun, rather than a chore to get out there because “it’s good for my mental health.”

What do you do to get outside when it’s cold?

I think this is a list I will keep adding to but for now, here are my top six tips for getting yourself out for a walk, even when the temperature dips to a chilly degree!

The trick is to not beat yourself up if you really don't fancy getting out there. Sometimes, lying under a blanket watching your favourite telly show is just as beneficial. But if you are struggling with motivation to get out there, maybe one or two of my tips will give you that push...

Have fun ramblers, and see some of you out there on the paths and trails!

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1 Comment

Unknown member
Dec 13, 2022

Some very good tips. Thank you. My Scottie dog gets me out every morning even if it's just a short walk round the town!

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