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Cornish Ramblings in Countryfile Magazine

"Join a group of like-minded walkers to explore new countryside routes and you’ll soon be fitter, and happier to boot, promises Cornish wanderer and founder of Cornish Ramblings Jody Woolcock"

"Armed with my rucksack, trusty cocker spaniel Purdy and all the kit needed to get a group of people around nine miles of unfamiliar woodland, I step out of the car and exhale.

Walkers are pulling on their boots and familiar faces look up. There are some new faces, too. One or two approach me, nervously asking: “Are you Cornish Ramblings?” Soon there’s a sea of coloured coats and bobble hats and as I look around, the nerves disappear, and I’m reminded of exactly why I do this."

Back in February 2019, I wrote an article for Countryfile magazine on Cornish Ramblings, walking groups, the benefits of joining a walking group and how it all started for me!

The article (which I wrote myself and am very proud of) actually made it into the magazine which was extremely exciting! But don't panic if you didn't get your copy.

You can read the whole article and case study on their website here; Cornish Ramblings and Countryfile.

All pictures by Justin Foulkes

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