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Dogs Who Ramble

Being a dog owner, I am completely happy for those of you with dogs to bring them along to a ramble, but I have to also be mindful of those who come along without dogs or who may be a little worried or wary about dogs off leads around them.

I want to ensure everyone who comes along is happy and enjoying their experience so, with this in mind, I have come up with a few guidance "rules" for anyone who brings a dog(s) along to a ramble to ensure everyone is treated the same and has a lovely time.

These rambles are predominantly aimed at people and so it is my priority and my responsibility to ensure all persons coming on a ramble feel happy and comfortable.

Please keep scrolling for my "rules" and I hope you wonderful dog owners understand and will continue to come along for a ramble with us...

Rule One

If your dog is prone to running back and forth between ramblers, please keep them on a lead throughout the entire duration of the ramble.

Exception: if we are in a field without livestock then they can be let off for a run around but please keep them under control at all times, and not running around or between peoples legs.

Rule Two

If your dog is well behaved (like Purdy) and will stay next to or very near to you during the walk then they are able to come off their lead. Please keep them under control at all times and if they do start running around and bumping into ramblers, can I ask you to pop them back onto their lead.

We also need to be mindful of those not part of Cornish Ramblings - if we have a group of dogs running freely around and who are not in the owners eye-line, this could cause issues with other walkers who have children and dogs. Please be respectful to all.

Rule Three

Be responsible for your own dog and please pick up after them. I know all of my ramblers with dogs are very good at picking up the mess, but just a reminder to those who come along with a dog that they are your responsibility at all times.

Rule Four

Please do not let your dog jump up at other ramblers or those outside of the group. As much as your dogs are cute and I love to see them having fun, we do ramble around very muddy and wet places and it has meant ramblers (who don't own dogs) have gone home with dirty clothes. Please be mindful of this if your dog is prone to jumping up and down, especially if there are children in the vicinity.

Exception: those in the group who make it clear if they are happy for dogs to jump up at them and will encourage it at the owners say so - however please continue to keep them under control around those who have not shown an interest in your doggo.

Rule Five

If we are a group with fewer dogs then I will speak to everyone at the beginning of the ramble to make sure we are all happy for the dogs to be running around freely. However, please keep in mind that all dogs should still be under control and not out of your sight, especially when traversing areas that may be slippery, or unstable.

If we have more than five dogs on a ramble I will assess the situation before we set off to determine whether or not your dogs can be let off their lead for more of the walk (outside of livestock free fields).

Rule Six

When sending out email confirmations I have started to include a link to the route. Can I please ask dog owners to look at this beforehand so they know what to expect - always keep in mind that up ahead there may be a field with livestock, someone's property, an unfenced cliff or a busy road. I also do not have time to recce all rambles in advance so I can not always be sure what is ahead. Please be mindful of this on each ramble.

It is your responsibility to ensure your dogs' safety at all times.

I would like to reiterate that this is in no way a moan or groan at any dog owners and I encourage you all to still come along with your pups. I will do what I can to make sure you all still have an enjoyable ramble with your beloved dogs, but I hope you also understand why this guidance has come out.

If I have missed something or you would like more clarification on any of the above, please get in touch with me.

Love to you all (and your dogs!).

Jody x

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