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Cocker Spaniel Meet-Up 2023 Disclaimer

Jody and Purdy sat on the edge of the pier

Cornish Ramblings is not responsible for anyone who comes along to this meet-up, including dogs. You and your dog(s) are your responsibility, and therefore no liability stands with Cornish Ramblings, or those affiliated with Cornish Ramblings, should anyone get hurt or property damaged.

Cornish Ramblings is organising this event, but whoever comes along is responsible for ensuring they respect their surroundings and those around them. Whilst there, please ensure you clean up after yourselves, including dog poo and any rubbish. Leave no trace.

You agree not to hold the organiser or any other members of Cornish Ramblings responsible for any injuries, mishaps, or any other situation that may happen at this planned event.  

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