Home Away from Home – an Isle of Wight Adventure. Part Two!

April 11, 2019

Waking up from a good night’s sleep will undoubtedly set me up well for the day ahead - with high spirits and a positive frame of mind, you can always tell when I have slept soundly. After spending our first full day on the island walking 6-miles from Freshwater Bay to The Needles, our limbs ached and we struggled to get warm. But heading to Old Shanklin Guest House brought us welcome relief when the door opened, and we were greeted by a flood of warm light and two smiling faces belonging to owners, Sarah & Gareth.

As we peeled off layer after layer of sodden clothes and pulled our heavy boots off, the warm glow of Old Shanklin Guest House mixed with the knowledge of a shower and bed awaiting us, filled me with great joy. I love walking long distances and am not one to shy away from bad weather – I live in Cornwall! But there is nothing better than finishing a walk knowing you can strip off (don’t get too excited now!) and wash away the mud and aches with a hot shower and a big comfy bed. This is exactly what my partner, Hannah, and I did after checking in to Old Shanklin Guest House.

Sarah and Gareth immediately made us feel welcome and explained our check in as if talking to old friends. Sarah mentioned what time breakfast was and right on cue, my stomach rumbled. Old Shanklin Guest House is renowned for their breakfasts and after spending a day hiking along the coast, the thought of eating suddenly filled my brain.

After chatting for a few moments, Gareth kindly took our damp outerwear and hung it up in their drying room, then helped us with our suitcases to our room for the night; The Tennyson Suite. Once we had looked around and oooh’d and aaaah’d at the huge shower and bath, we made ourselves a cuppa and sat on the sofa, reminiscing about our first hike on the Isle of Wight, and wondering what it had in store for us the following day.

Famous for its thatched houses, Shanklin village is a quaint stroll away from the guest house. After warming up in the shower and making ourselves look fairly human again, we made our way to the village to find a place to sit and get a decent meal. We were recommended a few places by Sarah, but the one that caught our attention most was The Crab where apparently, their portion size