Because You Know I’m All About That Base – Zerofit Review

April 1, 2019

With the temperatures dropping quicker in Cornwall than you can shout IT’S SNOWING, I always like to be prepared when heading out for a hike. Us Cornish lot know that the weather can be deceiving – it may be brilliant sunshine as you peer out the window first thing in the morning. But all of that can change in the blink of a bleary eye. One minute it’s so hot you’re taking layer after layer off, the next it's bitingly cold and you're wishing you’d brought that third jumper you were umming and aaaahing about.

Personally, I love it - the unpredictability of the weather in Cornwall – but it can leave you a little vulnerable. Which is why I like to be prepared and make sure my rucksack is packed with all the essentials!