Festive Shindig 2021 (2022)


During our recent rambles, a few walkers have shown a keen interest in a Cornish Ramblings festive gathering. Because of this, and depending on the uptake, Cornish Ramblings plans to organise a meet-up sometime at the end of January/beginning of February 2022, for all of us ramblers to get together for a chilled out festive shindig. Our hope is this will give you something to look forward to in the new year, and put a smile on all your faces during the months where many of us can struggle.

Loose plans so far are to meet one afternoon on a beach where we all bring food and drink (non-alcoholic unless using the nearby pub if there are any), which we can choose to share among the group if we so wish. Of course, we need to be mindful of allergies and intolerances so if you decide to bring your own food for yourself, this is perfectly acceptable and recommended.

Being on a beach means there are no limits with numbers, we can be outside and safe from Covid (should this worry some of you) and we will have no issues with restaurant deposits and table space!

If you are interested in joining this little soirée, please register your interest by clicking the button below. If we get enough uptake then the details will be forwarded to those on the list with where and when.