After the success of last years Cocker Spaniel Meet-up where just over 100 of you came along with your four-legged friends, Cornish Ramblings is excited to let you know we will be heading to Mawgan Porth Beach for the...

2020 Cocker Spaniel Meet-Up 

In an attempt to get as many of our beloved dogs in one place at the same time, Cornish Ramblings is calling on all Cocker Spaniel owners to...


Get Your Cockers Out...Again!

After 2019's success, where this event was covered by Radio Cornwall, Spotlight, Cornwall Life Magazine and Cornwall Live, Cornish Ramblings asks you all to get involved to make 2020's Cocker Spaniel Meet-Up even bigger and better.

Scroll down to see a few highlights from 2019 and all the details for 2020's meet-up...

Cocker Spaniel Meet-Up 2019


When: Saturday 2nd May 2020, 10am

Where: Mawgan Porth Beach, TR8 4BA

'So what will we do once we get there?'

There will be lots more information to share dreckly, but if you own a Cocker Spaniel (or a Cockapoo or a Sprocker...) and would like to go for a walk across the beach with hundreds of other beautiful Cockers, then please email Jody at to let us know you'll be there.

The plan so far is to walk lots, chat with fellow dog owners, take lots of pictures of you and your doggies and generally have a lovely lovely time. However, Jody has a few other plans up her sleeve so watch this space for more details...

Don't forget to follow Cornish Ramblings on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to keep up to date with all event details and any other shenanigans. 

This event is free to come along to, but we do ask for small donations. If you'd like to contribute, please scroll down on how to donate. Thank you x




We are on the look-out for any Cornish companies or individuals that may want to come along to support, sponsor or help Cornish Ramblings with this event.


If you'd be interested then please let Jody know via email how you can help or contribute. If you're interested in sponsoring this event, there is a minimum £20 donation. Please email Jody for all the details on the sponsorship package.

Although this event is FREE to come along to, any donations towards Cornish Ramblings will help to keep everything running smoothly and allow us to organise even more events like this in the future!

You can donate here; 


Thanks everyone and see you soon!




Watch This Space...


Please note that Cornish Ramblings is not responsible for anyone who comes along to this meet-up, including dogs. Cornish Ramblings is organising this event, but whoever comes along is responsible for ensuring they respect their surroundings and those around them. Whilst there, please ensure you clean up after yourselves, including dog poo and any rubbish.

You agree not to hold the organiser or any other members responsible for any injuries, mishaps, or any other situation that may happen at this planned event.  



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